Dota 2 Twitter Drama: MVP Febby Hits SEA Regional Qualifiers’ Casters For Being Biased And Negative

The recent Twitter post by professional Dota 2 player, Kim "Febby" Yong-min of MVP Phoenix has sparked arguments regarding the casting method of the recently concluded SEA Regional Qualifiers. The pro player has taken his personal opinion about how negative the SEA casters are when it comes to the players' plays and decision making. He also pointed out that he feels as if the casters are somewhat biased when it comes to judging the plays during the said event.

MVP Febby's Tweet

Febby has made a long twitter post regarding his sentiments about the casters' feedbacks during the competition. He said that unlike the commentators in EU, specifically "GoDz," the casters in SEA (which the player didn't point out specifically), they heavily criticized some "misplays" performed by players. According to him, fans (especially the new ones) depend heavily on the casters to grasp the situation of the game and thus, will likely believe on everything that the commentators are saying - which in this case, were purely biased and negative.

The disparity between EU and SEA casting is that when EU players commit "questionable sh*t," GoDz will just theorycraft in order to justify such actions, which for him, is the best method to do so simply because the players are in great pressure during a match plus, they're playing a considerable amount of time to harness their plays and are therefore, more "experienced" than the casters themselves.

The bottom-line of Febby's point is that fans are most likely to believe what the casters are saying and therefore, they must be wary and meticulous when they're making comments about misplays and whatnot. In short, the emphasis of his tweet is that there are a lot of reasons behind any course of action during the match and therefore, shouldn't be criticized easily.

Dota 2 Casters and Community Reaction

After the tweet has gone viral, a lot of casters have shown their own sentiments regarding the issue. One of them is the highly elusive Dota 2 personality, Wykrhm Reddy.

Apparently, the root cause of the issue is that, we tend to set "standards" of the things that we do and that is pretty common in the Dota 2 scene where pro players tend to pick up usual items and take the same course of item builds when playing a specific hero. When the norm has been established, seeing unusual builds will less likely be criticized for being "wrong" and will therefore be labeled as the reason for misplays.

It should be noted that the course of action in every region varies differently from each other as each area has a specific plays and specialties. In particular, Chinese teams tend to use smoke ganks a lot lesser than some European teams as they are more focused in sustaining their lanes and defending near towers. They're most likely spend more money in TPs than getting the usual smoke ganks.

In comparison, NA and EU teams tend to be more aggressive in the early stage of the game to gain the upper hand during the laning phase and establish dominance over the map. These diverse gameplays are what make the Dota 2 eSport highly competitive and profound. Let's just hope that the issue will settle down without any further ruckus.

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