Dota 2 News: Na'Vi Is Disbanding?

In the light of the recent conclusion of the Dota 2 Boston Major's Regional Qualifiers, one of the iconic professional teams might be bidding their goodbyes for their fans - entirely. One of the former top tiered teams, Na'Vi, suffered severely during the last open qualifiers, having only 2 wins from a total of 9 games played. Added to that is the fact that the team had a poor TI6 run which undeniably dealt a crushing blow to its players.

Na'Vi's Poor Run

Prior to TI6, Na'Vi has had a seemingly good run which earned them the people's traditional chant for the team "Na'Vi is Back!" and not only were the crowd got moved but even Valve as well; as they've been given a direct invite for the International 2016. For a brief period of time, it would seem that the team has regained its vigor and is ready to appeal for its die-hard fans but during the group stages of the said event, Na'Vi suddenly played miserably, having been outclassed by most teams and having ended in the lower bracket for the Main Event.

During the Main Event, Na'Vi was quickly taken out by Team Liquid which was now headed by his former teammate, "KuroKy." A lot of fans were hoping that Na'Vi shouldn't disband despite their poor TI performance and that wish was indeed granted as the team pulled their current roster together to fight for the Dota 2 Boston Major. This time though, they weren't given a direct invite and was therefore competing for a wild card spot through the regional qualifiers.

Despite their clear advantage over the new teams that have gone into major reshuffles, Na'Vi still struggled in the early phase of the qualifier. On the second day of the initial phase, Na'Vi already had their curtains fallen as they ended up with 2-7 standing. After missing two major events, it's pretty clear that Na'Vi is on the verge of collapse and just today, the apparent rumor is slowly becoming a reality.

Na'Vi Will Likely Disband

It should be noted that before the Dota 2 Majors were established, the competitive scene revolved mainly on LAN and other private tournaments throughout the year. One of the biggest upcoming tournaments (private) is the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6 which Na'Vi is said to partake in. But after losing the latest qualifiers, team Na'Vi has apparently withdrawn their spot for the event. The official statement can be found here.

Here's also a tweet by Wykrhm Reddy:

It would seem that the two major events were more than enough to shatter the spirit of the current Na'Vi roster. It should be noted that Na'Vi already declared its first disbandment last year, releasing most of its members. After the organization was rebuilt, its two existing core members were retrieved, Dendi and SonNeiko and has then gone through series of public test to acquire competitive members. Now that the current roster still cannot find any success despite its full year run, maybe it's about time that Na'Vi will fully disband now and rebuild the foundation of the organization anew.

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