‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date And Updates: George R.R. Martin New Characters Caused Delay; Official Copy Will Launch Along With ‘A Dream Of Spring’?

Many fans have been waiting for George R.R. Martin's "Winds Of Winter" release date, however,no confirmation has been released as of the moment. Being that the fans are left in the smoke, a lot of them are speculating about the possible causes of delay.

George R.R. Martin's followers are surely familiar with the fact that he had quit trying to meet deadlines. He is calm and unhurried with finishing the book and though very frustrating to most fans, there really is not much of a choice. But is there something else that is causing the delay?

Speculations have surfaced that the "Winds of Winter" author is making sure that the book is going to be worth the wait. He is rumored to have been adding more characters to further better the book. These characters had drastically altered the story lines and many pages needed to be rewritten. If that is the real case, many fans will surely be excited.

Another widely spread news about the "Winds of Winter" is that George R.R. Martin has finally finished the book and is already in the proofreading stages. Furthermore, it has also been added that the "Winds of Winter" novel will be released in 2017.

Fans will surely be happy to know that there is also some speculation that George R.R. Martin is already penning the next installment of the series. His seventh book titled "A Dream of Spring" is said to be released at the same time that "Winds of Winter" will be available. Doing two books at a time is a likely cause of delay and author George R.R. Martin has since apologized for it.

As of the moment, fans are just waiting for any confirmation of the release of the new novel. All these are just speculations and the only confirmed information is that the "Winds of Winter" is yet to be released.

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