Greatest Characters In The Walking Dead Series

Walking Dead Theory: What Will Happen To Daryl
Daryl is currently in trouble in the latest season but one thing is for sure, he will find a way to survive. Photo : IGN / YouTube

The Walking Dead on AMC is now on its season 7 and the story keeps getting better. The twist and turns on the current season is so unpredictable that they even had to kill one of the original actors to acieve the gripping thrill of the chase.

What Makes The Show Great?

There are a lot of things that makes the show great. They've showed numerous times already that the zombies are not the most dangerous entity on the show but themselves. They have to outwit other humans in order to survive. That is easier said than done if you don't have enough numbers as portrayed on the last episode.

Who Do You Consider As The Greatest Characters In TWD?

A lot of characters come and go already on the episodic series, some of them we wish were dead and some of them we wish to have stayed around for more seasons. Ranking or listing the best characters in one of the best shows is hard. But we are going to do it anyway. Before we ranked the greatest characters in The Walking Dead Series, here's our criteria: longevity of the character, impact on the show, and the way the actor portrayed their character.

Here Are The Greatest Characters In TWD Series Starting Off With: 

1.Daryl Dixon

The toughest character in the series. He is the perfect fit for the Zombie Apocalypse as he is not easily fazde or rattled by any situation. Daryl knows how to survive, he kills, he fights, and he doesn't give a sh*t at times. He is a team player and knows how to play his role. His crossbow is his best friend and would love to use it often. Daryl is funny as hell too with his classic one-liners.

2.Rick Grimes

The main character and the leader of the pack. He personifies what a father should be. He will do anything to protect his family and friends. Rick is a great marksman and a tactical character. He seems to have a solution in every situation being thrown at him. Regardless if that solution means by force or by being diplomatic. However, sometimes his emotions gets the best out of him, he tends to hesitate and question himself. But overall, he is a great character.

3.Glenn Rhee

Everybody needs Glenn like everybody needs Robin in "How I Met Your Mother." Glenn is a friend you can always depend on. During the early season, Glenn looks ordinary and a total coward but as the season progresses, Glenn's character has become more evident. His compassion towards everybody and his kind-heartedness makes him a lovable character. Unfortunately, his run was cut short when he was killed by Negan in the last episode.


Probably the most badass girl in the series. An independent, silent and mysterious woman, Michonne is as tough as she comes. She is a total badass and will kill anybody if she thinks it is the right thing to do. She can be very funny at times with her sarcasm and her favorite weapon is her trusted ninja sword. She is the female version of Daryl.

5.Carol Peletier

‘What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger'. A perfect quote to Carol Peletier. The last remaining original female character in the series. She experienced a lot of setbacks and those made her stronger than ever. Her character is constantly being developed each season and that's why we like her.

What do you think of our list? Are there any characters that we missed? The Walking Dead Season 7 just started and hopefully they will introduce us to new interesting characters.

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