Nintendo Switch To Release March 17

The Nintendo Switch, known in development as the NX is an upcoming hybrid video game console developed by Nintendo and is set to release globally in March 2017.

"Being told March 17th is currently planned Switch launch day in PAL, will release worldwide that same week but not same date all regions" Laura Kate Dale, gaming journalist and freelance video game writer who claims to have an industry source, said on one of her social media accounts.

The Switch console is a tablet-like portable console, which can be inserted into a docking station connected to a television to use it as a home console. But the Nintendo Switch doesn't merely feature multiplayer games - the hardware is designed for them.

Each Switch comes with a Joy-Con controller that's meant to be split into two halves for local cooperative play. And the consoles itself, a portable tablet, is meant to be played at home and on the road. The Switch feels the antithesis of the popular trend of online-only multiplayer, with a portable console that you can take literally anywhere and play together with anyone at any time, according to The Verge.

Meanwhile, the Switch's portable nature could prove advantageous for virtual reality, since it can operate untethered from a television. It's not hard to imagine the Switch docking into a VR headset, similar to Samsung's Gear VR and Google's Daydream. (Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima recently told Bloomberg that the company is "interested in VR.") stated from Fast Company.

The Switch will indeed toss the performance and graphics of Xbox One and PS4. Xbox and PlayStation are going to have to come up with something exciting for their next generation of consoles to be able to beat off The Nintendo Switch, this is something online gamers will be waiting for.

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