Everything You Need To Know About Samsung's 'Galaxy S8' And 'Galaxy S8 Edge'

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge on March, leaving the two devices to receive huge amounts of praise for their power, sleek designs, and amazing cameras. But as we all know, no smartphone is perfect.

There will always be a few rumored specs that will never see daylight in the end, which leave some fans to be disappointed and wanting more. Here's what we know so far about the upcoming phone.

Release date

If Samsung will be following the previous patterns of their release dates, chances are, we will be seeing a Samsung Galaxy S8 officially launch during the Mobile World Congress 2017. The event will be taking place from February 27 to March2, 2017. This would mean that the potential launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be on the 26th of February next year.

There were also some suggestions regarding the release be brought back to the original patterns in order to regain some much-needed consumer confidence after the issues with the faulty Note 7. But this has been contradicted by some recent reports who say that the 26th of February is already a lock.

Will there be two phones?

Recent reports indicate that Samsung will break from tradition and will be stick with just one phone model this time around. With recent news regarding the design of the Galaxy S8, there were no mentions regarding an alternate variant. But without any further confirmation of assurance, we will still be assuming that there is going to be two separate variants for the Galaxy S8 on its 2017 flagship line-up.


In terms of design and appearance, The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge somehow followed the designs of their predecessors. Though a couple of refinements were made, which included the reduction of the rear camera bump, the phones are relatively the same look. This would also be expected for the upcoming Galaxy S8.

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