Clash Of Clans December Update To Introduce Sea-Themed Creatures, Red Barbarian King?

Following the big October update, a brand new one (December update) seems to be on its way to Clash of Clans. In fact, it's deemed as a major update, one that'll bring lots of interesting features and stuff. One is the talked about possibility of Supercell introducing sea-themed creatures. Apart from that, a so-called Red Barbarian King is also coming.

According to Neurogadget, a major Clash of Clans update is arriving to the game sooner or later. Although its release date remains a mystery, it's said to drop anytime in December -- perfect for the Holiday season. In a sense, it could possibly arrive in a way of an event or something.

The interesting part about the aforementioned Clash of Clans update is the coming of sea-themed creatures. That Mermaids, Pirates and Submarines, among others, are believed to be part of the forthcoming patch. Heck, new items (such as spells) are also hinted to be part of it all.

This Clash of Clan rumor rooted from the studio's way of releasing updates. It's worth noting that the company is fond of unleashing two updates in a month. Unfortunately, in October, only one has arrived (which was even meant for September). And now, as a way to lure the hype back, the developers have decided to ramp things up come December.

Phone Arena, on the other hand, a Redditor by the name of Chief Spencer suggests that a new Clash of Clans character is coming. This is called the Red Barbarian King. No specifics have been teased, but it's believed that if players buy a gem package, the hero is theirs for the taking with a Red Archer Queen as an addition.

Moreover, if the sea-themed update is really coming to Clash of Clans, it's very likely for water-based buildings and/or vessels to arrive. This could range from ships all the way to war infrastructure based in seas. This is really something worth looking forward to.

What are your thoughts on the supposed December Clash of Clans update? Do you think Supercell will indeed introduce sea-inspired items and/or creatures? If so, what are your expectations? Share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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