Pokemon Free Level 100 Genesect Now Available

New generation Pokemon games are just around the corner. Pokemon GO has already captured the virtual and augmented reality space while Pokemon Sun and Moon is slated for release soon. However, this does not stop the older Pokemon games to churn out new content every month and this November is not any different.

Those who still have and are playing Pokemon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby will have the chance to get a free Level 100 Genesect from Nov. 6 to 24. Genesect is a Bug/Steel type Pokemon with the 'Download' ability. This ability can be coupled with Magnet Bomb, Techno Blast, Signal Beam, and Solar Beam.

Acquiring Genesect means following the same procedures similar to the other distributions released this year. It could mean that you will have to do more than just booting up your game or downloading the Pokemon through the Mystery Gift. In order to get the Genesect Pokemon, go to the GameStop store and get a special card that contains a code that will unlock the Mystery Gift. Keep in mind that this card is free and no additional purchase is necessary

Here are the following stores from various countries for those who want to get a code; Belgium – Game Mania, Fnac and Smartoys; Canada – EB Games; France – Micromania; Germany – GameStop or Toys “R” Us; Italy – GameStop; Spain – Game; Portugal – Fnac; UK – Game; and US – GameStop.

Once you get the code, follow the following steps to get Genesect: First of all, scratch the silver coating off the card to reveal the code. Then, connect your 3DS to the Internet, boot up your game, and select 'Mystery Gift' on the main menu. After that, receive the gift and make sure you have a vacant spot in your party to make way for Genesect.

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