'Jane the Virgin' Season 3 Spoiler Recap: Jane’s Liveliness After Losing Her Virginity

In this episode of Jane the Virgin Season 3, Jane and Michael are set to have a house welcoming party in their new home. Unluckily, somebody forgot that the most important part of "moving in" is to have your own house. The newlyweds are being ejected for not paying their rent. Oh, well, Jane could've avoided this if she married Rafael. Free room service for life! But, well that's another story.

Going back to Rafael, someone will need his help to make it to American television. Looks like Rogelio will be running to Rafael for an unusual demand, so he can overcome the American TV scene. Having said that, Xiomara is still suffering from her experiential crisis, and would be making a new career shift only if Alba and Jane are convinced about this new adventure. What could it be?

Jane The Virgin No More On Last Episode

Last episode, Jane finally had her flower watered, but it wasn't as splendid as she'd expected. Fortunately, Jane could document the whole happenings on her laptop by chance, and this gave her and Michael the chance to analyze what went wrong. Unfortunately, she accidentally sent the video to her thesis professor, who seems to be traumatized by the video.

Meanwhile, Xiomara suddenly discovers that she has done nothing in her life but singing, and she began to ponder out of curiosity, if she's missing out on some possibility and encounter. Rogelio, still thinking that singing is her fate, calls on a 20-years-in-the-making favor to his best-friend Gloria Estefan. Problem was, Xiomara's heart isn't into singing anymore.

Among other things, still closing in to Jane the Virgin Season 3 is Jane trying to win over Alba to let her read the letters from her separated sister. It looks like the aches are too deep, as Alba asks her to vow not to contact relatives or any of her family.

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