Zombies In Spaceland Ultimate Guide: Elemental Upgrades, Skulls Location, And Souvenirs Combination

Call of Duty's prominent zombie mode was set in an entirely different world in their latest installment, Infinite Warfare. However, similar to the other CoD zombies, Zombies In Spaceland has also hidden perks and cool stuff around the map. Elemental upgrades, souvenirs combination, skull locations, everything is here.

Zombies In Spaceland Elemental Upgrades

Boost your weapons with elemental upgrades which increase weapon damage and unlock new abilities. The upgrade you will get depends on your location - electricity if you're in the Journey Into Space, laser if you're in Astrocade, Wind in Polar Peak, and you'll get fire element when you're in the Kepler System.

To activate an elemental upgrade, first you need to do is buy an Arcane Core at any ticket booths for the weapon of your choice. Travel to Pack-A-Punch Portal and hold the square button on the Ritual Stand to spawn UFOs. You can follow this guide on how to activate the Pack-A-Punch Portal.

Next, get 15-24 kills within one use of a trap, this will trigger UFO's exhaust fire to change colors and will start flying around. Follow the UFO and kill the zombies close to it using your weapon with Arcane Core to charge it with souls. Once your weapon is filled with souls, the UFO will drop an elemental ball in the area. Pick it up and activate it on your weapon and you're ready to rock. Note, however, that there are few weapons that are not element upgradeable.

Zombies In Spaceland Souvenir Combinations

Since you can't keep more than one, bring the coin to a Souvenir Station every time you earn one. Souvenir Stations requires three coins to be activated and each combination of colors has designated item. There are colors available - blue green and read. Three blues are Sentry Gun. Three greens are Repocrator, and three reds are Medusa Device. Two blues and one green will give you Electric Trap while Boom Box if you dropped two greens and blue. Two greens plus red will give you a Sentry Turret and if you're dropping two reds and blue, you'll get Fireworks. You'll get a Kindle Pop if you drop one of each color.

Zombies In Spaceland Skulls Locations

There are five types of skulls you can get just around the map, it spells the word GHOST. G is located on top of the G on the Galaxy Journey sign; you can also find an O here. You can find the other G on the Roller Rampage sound in Bumper Cars. H is on top of H in the Chromosphere sign as well as in the Hyper Slide sign. Find O on top of the Cosmic Tunes sign and S on top of the Star Mission and Astrocade signs. The T skull is found on top of T on Octonian Hunter sign and Moonlight Café. Last trick, shooting all the balloons in the Spawn area will trigger a sound. Nobody knows what it does yet. For more tips, visit this guide on Steam community.

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