Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare' Guide To Find Every Equipment Upgrade

'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' has a total of nine weapon upgrades that are secretly stationed throughout the game. The upgrades give the players improved and sometimes even specialized weapons so they're really worth finding. This guide is for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players to help them find the exact location of the weapon upgrades

Frag Grenade Equipment Upgrade at the Civilian Terminal (Operation Port Armor). As the player complete the task in securing the lunar terminal and preventing the SDF forces from entering, the player must go to the Armory and pass through the metal detector. After that, the player will just have to enter the door and find the terminal on the right side.

Second Upgrade while Escaping the Carrier (Operation Port Armor). While escaping the carrier, the Infinite Warfare player will see his teammates carrying their opponent and throwing him out of the window. Next, the players will head to the corridor and asked to eliminate their enemies in the area. As the hallway heads to the right, the player will find a locked door on the right side around the corner. The player will need to open this door to get the upgrade.

Shock Grenade Upgrade at the Small Control Room (Operation Port Armor). As the player are instructed to open the bay doors of the cargo, he will have to go through some enemies to get to the control room. The control room is located at the end of the hallway and once there, the Infinite Warfare player needs to pull the lever to find the upgrade.

Seeker-Bot and Second Frag Grenade Upgrade at the Armory (Operation Taken Dagger) As the player tries to reclaim the stolen technology, he will be in a control room with missiles and consoles. The room should have an armory which is where the next upgrade can be found. The other rooms must be hacked as well as one of it has the P-Law located on the table. Players must open the console to find more upgrades.

Ballista EM3 Launcher and Second Shock Grenade Upgrade at the next Armory (Operation D-Con). The next upgrade is also found in an armory as they find access for life support. Infinite Warfare Players will be going through a door where they will see a portion of the hallway on fire. The player must go through the instructed direction and pass through a separate corridor on the left side to find the armory. Open the doors to find some serious goodies.

Second Seeker-Bot Upgrade at the Control Room (Operation D-Con II). In this scenario, players are on a mission to acquire a weapon sample. They will find themselves in a room similar to the one from Operation Taken Dagger. Just like in that mission, players will have to open the locked room located at the end of the control room on the left side. Inside are the weapon samples needed and a terminal that needs to be hacked. Once hacked, players can get their hands on the upgrade.

Eraser Pistol and Retractable Shield Upgrade at the Warehouse Room (Operation Deep Execute). As the Infinite Warfare players look for the credentials of the tech officer, they will have to find the next weapon upgrade before they complete the mission. Enter the large warehouse room and go straight to the right. Small stairs will be seen with a locked door. Of course, this door needs to be hacked before the upgrade can be found.

Equipment Upgrade at the Refinery (Operation Burn Water) While the player is finding a safe landing zone for his team, they will be following Ethan and will pass through a fence and to a small landing area on the ground. Instead of following Ethan in a doorway, the player will have to go to the left to find the armory door. Open the terminal to find the next upgrade.

Last Upgrade and Fully Equipped Trophy at the City Street (Operation Black Flag) The last upgrade will be found while the Infinite Warfare player is on a mission to make sure Riah doesn't call the SDF fleet. The players will be going through burning streets and will see a huge debris of a broken building on the road. This is the building they need to access. Head to the second floor and open the armory door to find the final upgrade needed to get the trophy.

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