Xbox One November Treats: The Telltale Undead Survival Bundle Comes With The Walking Dead Complete Season & Three More

Xbox One games would include The Telltale Undead Survival Bundle. This November treat will also come with four of the most zombie-filled games from the console in just a single pack. According to reports, this new pack will offer a very reasonable saving compared to buying the games separately.

The Xbox One game pack is reported to be available in the Australian market for the cost of $64.49. Other regions are set to avail the November treat in Nov. 8. Among the games included in the pack are:

The complete season of The Walking Dead

The complete season of The Walking Dead: Season Two

The complete miniseries of The Walking Dead: Michonne

7 Days to Die and four added DLC skin packs

Meanwhile, the growing list of Xbox One games has reportedly added more titles recently. As announced by Microsoft via a Twitter post, Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Guardian Heroes are now playable on the said console. Red River is the first-person shooter that was developed in 2011 from Codemasters, and also a sequel to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which was reported to be made backwards compatible. For players who already have both, the games can be downloaded to start playing immediately.

On the other hand, Guardian Heroes is the 1996 Xbox Live Arcade port of the Sega Genesis beat-em-up. The game is reported to have a price offering of $5 digitally, or the same price when buying an old physical copy of Red River over at  the GameStop. These new Xbox One games have followed some high-profile additions in Mass Effect 2 and 3 a day ago. Reports also indicate that some games such as The Orange Box and the Rage have been added during the past weeks, which the players can now enjoy. Watch Top 10 Upcoming XBOX ONE GAMES of 2016! | HD

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