Battlefield 1 Gameplay Guide: How To Be A Successful Attacker? Medal Guide Here

Battlefield 1 is said to be one of the top game of choice for many gaming enthusiasts since its release this month. Hence, gamers have shared their insight into what they learned from the game leaving a trail of gaming guides for fellow players to follow suit. Battlefield 1 players are said to gain a lot from well-placed bombs, planes that can clear out the defense of the enemies, among others.

The Behemoths is the newest class of vehicle recently introduced in Battlefield 1. These massive vehicles are said to be an advantage for the losing team in terms of firepower since it allows them to push back the enemies and capture the objectives to be won. There are three types of Behemoths that have been introduced: the Airship, the Dreadnought and the Armored Train.

Furthermore, the smoke grenades in Battlefield 1 are said to be a strong weapon when pushing points when attacking. The weapon may be used to cover the push to avoid getting killed. This weapon can also disrupt the enemy's line of sight to allow firing rifles and bayonets.

For the attacking team to secure a sector in Battlefield 1, control must be retained over each single objective therein. Note that these objectives may be taken back by defenders. Hence, several attacking teams lose a round due to the defenders juggling the points with a large force, preventing attackers who may capture the sector.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 players may not a medal or two shown during the loading screen. YouTuber Major Meteor recently rolled out a Medals guide video to help gamers understand what these are about. There are 5 medals that gamers can choose from which are rotated weekly.

Battlefield 1 medals may be acquired upon completion of three to five stages. The Medic-themed medal called the Order of Hippocrates for one has stages that tie into skills for a good medic. For instance, 20 kills with medic weapons, completing 20 revives and healing teammates 100 times all contribute to acquiring this type of medal, the official game site revealed. Watch the Battlefield 1 Medals Multiplayer Guide


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