FIFA 17: Worst Troll And Pause Abuser In The Game

FIFA is home for one of the world's most uncanny trolls and abusers. For years, the game was plagued with pause, replay, kickoff and even celebration abuses even if they're not even ahead of the game. The mere fact that they drag the game off whenever they somehow score a goal is virtually irritating but nothing is more obnoxious as this FIFA player which had officially taken trolling to a whole new level.

FIFA 17 Numerous Trolls and Abusers

You may have heard about numerous pause abuse and even celebration abuse which in either case, can be frustrating for the enemy especially when you're taking the lead. But you've probably haven't seen a troll exploiting the game's Pause System that can make you cringe with disdain. In one of FIFA's subreddits, a Reditter named Dynamite Whyte has posted a video showing the worst troll ever in the game.

Basically, his opponent started the trolling after the latter scored the first point in the game. It was then that his opponent proceeds to control his player and run frantically into the net. Apparently, this move(presumably glitch) is allowed in game and the celebration can be dragged for a full minute if not skipped. Not only that, after the game fixes what seemed to be the bug (net running), it then shows the game's replay - which his opponent gladly watched all throughout.

You may think that it ended after that incident but the troll's not done yet. During the first half injury time, Whyte can be seen setting to secure his first point in the game when his opponent explicitly denied his score by explicitly exploiting the Pause System of the game. You can clearly see that right after is opponent's keeper successfully parried the ball, he immediately paused the game to prevent any follow-up from Whyte and then proceeded to leave the game. What a pro.

FIFA 17 Pause System

Basically, FIFA 17 only lets you pause the game when you're in possession of the ball. This system was enacted to prevent such abuse but as you can see, it's still open for exploits . A good example was in Whyte's case where after his opponent successfully parried the ball, the game then recognized his opponent to be "in possession" of the ball and therefore, eligible for a pause. So just before Whyte can secure his follow-up to get a point, he was then netted by the troll's exploit.

What do you think of the current system of FIFA? Do you think it needs some augmentation to prevent such abuses? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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