NBA 2K17 Online Latest Update: Bugs Affecting Score System Not Solved By Patch 1.05

NBA 2K17 has a ton of issues that continuously irk players since it was released last Sept. 20. Despite the massive patch 1.05 update released just early this week, there are still quite a few issues haunting some players. The latest glitch involves the score system.

NBA 2K17  New Glitches

Many NBA 2K17 fans were glad when the patch 1.05 finally arrived earlier this week. With expectations that the massive 7-gigabyte update will solve mostly, if not all of the issues that have been haunting players, many fans remain distressed upon finding out that there are still overlooked issues. One of them is the CPU glitch affecting the score system.

According to YouTuber Sam Pham, he encountered in one of his online plays a glitch wherein it erratically gives 11 points to the opposing team in over 18 minutes of gameplay. Another problem he had seen is the constant travel animation of the players. Similar issue can be frequently seen in NBA 2K17 community for quite some time now but was not included in the game's recent update with patch 1.05. Even so, 2K17 has still to be reached out regarding this matter.

NBA 2K17 Latest Update: Roster Additions

2K has finally added a stalwart on its roster via latest update. Former Dallas Maverick and Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash is coming back after the developer was able to score the individual license of the two-time MVP. Retired NBA players require separate and sole license agreement when included in any game franchise. Nash last appeared in NBA 2K16 as a free agent.

In the meantime, there are also speculations that either Reggie Miller or Rasheed Wallace might be added in the same roster update as well. However, the players cannot be expected to come out as soon if ever 2K gets the license for them because the developer will have to create the animation yet.

NBA 2K17 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. It remains unconfirmed for now if it will be available in Nintendo Switch.

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