Facebook Made Another Snapchat Clone Called Flash

By Luis Fran , Nov 10, 2016 08:41 PM EST

Social network Facebook released on Tuesday another Snapchat clone in Brazil called Flash, which was reported to be specifically for emerging markets where there´s bad connectivity and weak Wi-Fi. This new app was built by the company´s growth team, and its chief explained that in comparison to Snapchat´s 76MB, Flash download size is less than 25MB.

A Great app For Brazilian Users

According to Mashable, the Snapchat clone is an incredible app that will allow its users to communicate themselves in a much entertaining way since now they can send disappearing messages to any anyone, or add them to the in-app stories. Flash also have filters masks emoji and doodles, which are the details that clearly show how similar this app is to Snapchat.

However, even when the similarities are extremely blatant, what makes a little bit different (and greater) the Snapchat clone is some cool technical aspects that could make it way more useful for the Brazilian users. Also, this new app has an offline mode, the images can be downloaded on Wi-Fi connections automatically, and it will run on older Android phones.

The Snapchat Clone Might Be Launched To Many Other Countries

Although it is too soon to study Flash´s results in the country, this Snapchat clone is expected to be a great success for Facebook, after its previous clones Poke and Slingshot flopped. Naturally, the reaction over these app´s outcome wasn't precisely kind, but Flash might be very different since the company tested another Snapchat-like camera features in its app during the Olympics in Rio, which ended up being a great success, as reported by Android Police.

If the Snapchat clone have the results that Facebook is expecting, the app could be launched too many other countries around the world, which could represent more users and a better position in the market. Although this is the 13th time that Mark Zuckerberg´s social media cloned Snapchat´s feature, this time it looks like Facebook could make real damage to its competitor.

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