Facebook To Rival Linkedin: Is This The Rise Of Online Jobs?

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With the Internet making the world within our reach, it has really made the world a smaller place and produced new ways for people to interact, thus make it a fact that we are living in an Internet-culture shared by everyone in the world (well, except for those who has no access to technology). One good example is how we find jobs. The time where you need to go to a company's building to send your resume and be called for a job interview or have a right on the spot interview is not really necessary anymore.

According to a written article at Technology.Inquirer, Facebook is planning to launch a new feature that will rival LinkedIn. We all know what Facebook it, but what is LinkedIn?

In an article at What Is.Tech Target, LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. This site was created for people to establish their background work experience or portfolio to connect with people who are looking for professionals to hire or people who are looking for job opportunities.

In a LinkedIn member's profile page, users will be able to see the skills, employment history, sample work, and education background. Users will also see if that person is looking for someone to hire or someone who is looking for jobs. It also features some network news feed and a limited member of customizable modules.

The thing that makes LinkedIn different from other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is its "connection" feature. This feature can only be accessible if two parties have a pre-existing relationship, like a previous work done together. So if you're someone looking for a person with real experience, you can bet your money that the person you're hiring is really what he/she claims to be.

Back to Facebook. According to Technology.Inquirer, Facebook conducted a research about the behavior of Facebook users on job postings. They noticed that many small businesses post about their job openings on their page. Facebook also ran a test for page admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates.

As of now, there is no official name for the upcoming feature. But it is clear that Facebook will definitely create a new feature to rival LinkedIn. There is also no idea what Facebook's new feature will have, but based on LinkedIn, we already have a rough idea.

What Does This Mean For Job Hiring Posts?

If you're on Facebook, you will notice that there is a ton of small and big businesses posting about job opportunities. This way, they not only get to hire people limited only to their area, but also in other places. It also promotes their company's name.

If Facebook will sport a new feature to rival LinkedIn, it will also help people who are looking for jobs easier and have a wider choice of options to choose from. Let's be honest, walking around the city is to look for job postings is tiresome.

Is This The Rise Of Online Jobs?

These days, you don't need a college degree. If you have the skill and talent to do something, you can anything with it. It is also important to point out that many people these days are working on jobs that are not covered in the field they studied at college.

With the rise of online jobs, there is also a growing popularity that people are choosing home-based online jobs. This kind of job gives the employee much freedom. This also helps the employer to hire people across the world and getting a wider audience.

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