God Of War PS4 News: Kratos To use Thor's Hammer As Ultimate Weapon? Everything We Know So Far

God of War is likely to feature Thor's hammer as a weapon on the game's  the PS4 version. Other new information have also been revealed, such as the release date, details on pre-order, including the absence of PSX 2016.

The God of War PS4 is rumored to feature a new weapon of Kratos, as hinted by game director Cory Balrog. The game director was reported to tease that the Ghost of Sparta may likely use Thor's hammer Mjolnir as the an ultimate weapon, which is the same with the Sword of Olympus. Given that, Kratos is reported to now live in Norway and having encounters with the monsters and gods of Norse mythology.

God of War details will not be announced at the 2016 PlayStation Experience event as confirmed by Balrog via Twitter. However, the game director assured the fans that something exciting will happen once the game is ready.  The  Santa Monica Studio has also revealed that there will be no more game demos to be released in the near future. This is due to the fact that the game studio reportedly plans to work full time in completing the game.

Meantime, pre-order details and likely release of God of War has been leaked, following Amazon's announcement that the game can now be pre-ordered for $59.99. Moreover, the game is rumored to release on Dec. 29, 2017. However, the game studio has not confirmed anything yet about the exact date of release, as reports suggest that the studio is still studying the best way to launch the game. Nevertheless, the upcoming title is set to launch for PS4 in 2017.

Meanwhile, God of War's brand new adventure is expected to be a new beginning for Kratos as he finds himself as a man, outside the shadow of the god. He will also be wounded up in the strange lands of Norse Mythology with his son. With that, Kratos needs to learn to survive and teach his son to follow the same in the harsh and unforgiving world. Also, the setting is fresh in the game series, as it brings its own pantheon of gods, monsters and creatures alike. Watch GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer 2016 - PS4

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