‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 News & Spoilers: Script Detailing The Cynicism From Donald Trump’s Election Leaked

"Mr. Robot" season 3 is bound to be another exciting installment of the series. This time, things will become more complicated and the storytelling would be a bit different from the first two seasons. It will be a mix of fiction and real-life events as shown in the leaked script for season 3.

"Mr. Robot" Season 3 Leaked Script

"Mr. Robot" writer Sam Esmail leaked a sheet of the script for season 3 on Twitter. Based on the tweeted picture, the show will be vocal on its views of Donald Trump's win. The new season has been filmed in such a way that the current events form part of the story. According to Esmail, "there will be a lot of overlap" and that Mr. Robot's universe will be influenced by "the increased terrorism and domestic violence."

The leaked script is a conversation between Elliot and Krista, his psychologist. Krista is asking Elliot why he is disappointed with the world. Elliot promptly responds that it was an easy question but instead of explaining himself, he answered that Donald Trump has been elected as the president of the United States.

Prior to the election, Esmail explained that the changing social and political landscape will have a huge impact on "Mr. Robot" season 3 atmosphere. He commented that the gradual economic collapse will be amplified in the next season.

Donald Trump Centered Theme

With the leaked script, viewers can sense that "Mr. Robot" season 3 will have a controversial theme. With allusions to Trump and his rise to power as president, it would be interesting to see how Elliot will come to terms with these changes in the new episodes.

Despite having a theme which is ripe for controversies, there is no news that "Mr. Robot" is planning to leave Trump's election out of its upcoming season. It seems that the showrunners are confident that there will not be any political backlash from using the events in the real world to make the show more realistic.

This is in contrast to what another show did after the results of the presidential elections came out. Right after the declaration of Trump's victory, NBC decided to push back the airing of a controversial episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" because of the character's uncanny similarity to the president-elect.

At the moment, there is no premiere date set for "Mr. Robot" season 3 but the new episodes will be launched in 2017.

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