Will A Trading System Improve Pokemon GO Or Not Really?

There have been talks within the Pokemon GO community about a possible system being introduced by Niantic. It's called Trading, and as the name suggests, it'll allow players to interact with each other and process trades. The question, though, is will it ever happen? Aside from that, it's interesting to know if it'll improve the game or not.

In one way or another, a Trading System in Pokemon GO isn't that bad. It's rather more of a positive feature. But of course, players can't simply help but doubt. Probably, instead of making things a lot more interesting, it'll be the other way around. It's really worth investigating.

According to Otakukart, players who are confined or have no access to region-locked Pokemon GO creatures will surely benefit. The aforementioned system will basically give them the chance to acquire these Pokemon through trades. Think of those trainers who own these exclusive species conducting trades to other players. It's really a fascinating thing to experience.

Also, if Pokemon GO players want to own stronger monsters, the Trading System can be their best bet. They can simply go over with the process and viola, they already have the Pokemon they've been desiring for. This alone here will give leverage to less experienced trainers.

While the aforesaid Pokemon GO feature is quite exciting, there are players who still doubt it. One is the mere fact that it'll give trainers an easy way to filling their Pokedex fast. Of course, this is unfair to those who had to undergo the process of capturing and filling it.

The system could also introduce some sort of selling in Pokemon GO. High level players who have interesting Pokemon up in their sleeves can simply sell their creatures to low level players. This, in one way or another, is for the sole reason of financial gain.

Overall, a Trading System in Pokemon GO is still a must have. It'll entirely change the way the hit augmented reality game will be played. There will be more interactions within the player pool -- something that's really been long requested by the community. The decision to do so, however, still relies to Niantic.

What do you think about Pokemon GO having a Trading System? Do you believe it'll yield positive results or not? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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