Clash Royale Strategy: The Best Graveyard Deck

The best Graveyard deck for the current meta is now out which has a recorded feat of 5 straight 12 wins in the Grand Challenges. Today, we're going to explain the strengths of the unbeatable Graveyard deck and how it has been dominating in the Legendary arena.

Clash Royale: The Best Graveyard Deck

In this deck, we will be using Ash's Graveyard deck which is considered to be one of the best decks in the game - having an astounding 5 straight 12 wins in the Grand Challenges. Before we can explain the strengths of this deck, let's explain all of the cards on this deck.

Graveyard - the core of this deck is the effective use of Graveyard which can deal insane damage and pressure to your enemy. In the video that will be attached down below, you can see how Ash makes effective use of the card and create strategic advantage and elixir trades using the card.
Tombstone - is a great defensive tool to use against your enemy's siege. With the nerf of the Inferno Tower, Tombstone is now a much more solid choice for defense.
Ice Golem - Tombstone is highly effective in the top arenas and Ice Golem takes advantage of it with a nice Elixir trade. A common Ice Golem into Fireball is the usual anti-push against your enemy. Use it wisely.
Fireball - This card should be played in conjunction with the Ice Golem to maximize its effect.
Zap - One of the best spells to counter the Musketeers is the Zap + Fireball combo. Also, Zap is great to deal against low HP swarm troops. Be careful of Zap bait strategy though.
Archers - Great at sieging and defense against air troops as well.
Hog Rider - Hog Riders are good at destroying towers. Make full advantage of this troop when you coupled it with the Ice Golem.
Mega Minion - Mega Minion is excellent tower destroyer if left uncheck. If played with the Graveyard card, you can instantly down a tower if you play it in a counter-push against your enemy.

Strengths of Ash's Graveyard Deck

The strength of Ash's Graveyard Deck is centered on the very cheap 3.3 Elixir average deck but utilizing the most devastating tower destroyers in the game. This deck utilizes the ability to hard counter-push the other lane and pressure the enemy with troops that can instantly take out the tower if left unguarded. When it comes to defense, nearly all of the troops can attack air units and therefore, a threat to the much common Lava Hound Decks.

One of the most heavy push-oriented decks like that of Giant Bowler Megaminion decks can be countered with a heavy push on the opposite side with your Hog Riders + Ice Golem combo. Thanks to its cheap Elixir-cost spells and troops, you can effectively defend while applying pressure on the opposite side with these cards; making efficient Elixir trades in the process. Also one tip if you're going to use this deck is to play aggressively and take the pace of the game especially if you're playing against Lava Hound deck and Golem decks. If your enemy places his siege troops on one side, instantly play a counter-push in the other lane. Take a look at the video down below and push your way to Arena 8+ easily today!

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