Dishonored 2 Quick Review: How Does It Differ With Original Dishonored?

Dishonored 2 fans are already playing the game right now and it's quite natural to compare it with the original game. How similar or is there any difference with the first installment?

Dishonored 2 Storyline

The original Dishonored game was well received by players and sequel was expected to come out. Game developer Arkane Studios did not disappoint the fans and released Dishonored 2 recently. The 2nd installment will let players choose between Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano as their character.

This time Emily Kaldwin is enjoying her position as Empress of Dunwall and alongside is Carvo Attano, her father, protector and the protagonist from the first installment. However, there are rumors that either one or both of them are suspected of secretly killing their enemies. During a party celebrating Emily' mother death anniversary, a woman known as Delilah and claiming to be her aunt, barged in. She claims the throne for herself and immediately orders the arrest of father and daughter. This is where it gets interesting.

Dishonored 2 Different From Original?

The game is fast-paced that some players complained that they feel "rushed" in playing it which is not the case in the first Dishonored game. The two heroes will then escape from Dunwall to the coastal city of Karnaca in the hopes that Emily will find answers that will put her back to the throne.

Karnaca is more beautiful than Dunwall but Emily or Carvo will spend most of their time hiding inside buildings or in the shadows to avoid their enemies. Players of the original Dishonored game will notice that the 2nd installment has almost the same environment and design. After the initial arrival to Karnaca, there is not much difference between the coastal city and Dunwall. Arkane Studios boast that the second Dishonored installment was developed by a new game engine but there seems to be little difference. In essence, Dishonored 2 does not feel like a sequel but rather a continuation of the first game, according to reviews.

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