Life After Divorce: Is There Any Link Between Depression And Divorce To One's Health?

It's a common knowledge for everyone that a healthy relationship plays a vital part on many factors. Of course, in order to achieve a happy and successful relationship, the physical and mental well being of an individual must also be in a good state. A current study finds that depression can have a recurring impact when it comes to relationships.

How Depression Affects Relationships

The study suggests that someone who is currently in a state of depression is found to be emotionally distressed and preoccupied which in turn, is more likely to hinder their ability to meet the needs of their respective partner. Experts claim that apart from the burden of the depression that an individual is carrying with him, it is believed that it can also trigger an additional stress to a relationship that is known to have long been problematic.

According to Medical News Today, it was revealed that depression doesn't simply have one symptom nor does it have a one-sided effect. Experts believe that depression may actually lead to a loss of interest when it comes to the intimacy and sex in a relationship. Moreover, it is said that the absence of intimacy may consequently cause one of the partners to feel unattractive, rejected to a point of being unloved. People with depression are also said to be more likely to develop the problem in social interaction wherein issues like suicidal tendencies are also probable to take place.

Depressive Symptoms In Couples Can Increase Stress Levels in Relationships

On the other hand, the findings revealed by NBCI suggests that the study has applied the stress generation model designed by C.L. Hammen's in 1991 to certain depressive symptoms that is found in the context of marriage. It was allegedly believed that authors have already foreseen that these depressive symptoms can possibly lead to an increased stress levels in a relationship.

Experts currently advise that if someone recognizes that their former partner has become depressed in the time after a divorce, they should be able to warn a close family member or friend considering the fact that they don't feel comfortable offering support.

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