What Price Should Nintendo Switch Be At To Win The Console Wars?

Nintendo Switch Price May Have Been Accidentally Revealed - IGN News
How much will the Nintendo Switch be when it comes out next year? Will it be affordable and at the same time perform well? Or will it be an outstanding device but comes at a price? Photo : YouTube / IGN News

The Nintendo Switch has been the talk of the town in the gaming industry as it offers both console and handheld capabilities in a snap. With new upcoming systems, it is natural for gamers and developers to talk about its price. Of course, we need to save up for it, right? Though there are no official news about its price, posts on the internet have already speculated it to be somewhere around $299, with all their theories and scoops about where they got a good glimpse of it.

I am going to write this as reasonable as I can, on why price won't be the only reason why it would win or lose (again) the modern console race. It is important to note that I am not a sales expert or any kind of analyst. I just play a lot of games and sort of entitled of some simple opinions on why the Nintendo Switch would be successful or not. Personally, I wouldn't mind how much the Nintendo Switch would be at as long as it performs as promised on their 3-minute reveal.

Would price matter in the console wars?

In my own opinion, I would say no. Initially, yes it does affect sales. If you see an Xbox One tagged at $100 it would surely sell like hotcakes. But what if, just for the sake of argument, that console doesn't perform well? Say its server is often off the internet (cough, PSN, cough), or it overheats, or some issue that would make you regret about spending that hundred dollars. My point is that price, although a big factor in decision making; isn't always the feature that makes any console successful.

I've bumped into The Verge's article saying that at $249 price range, the Nintendo Switch will have an advantage over the other existing consoles. Based on this, it clearly states that price isn't a determinant on a gaming system's success because inertly it will bow down or rise up according to the gaming market status quo. So at this point, it's pointless to bother and speculate what price the console-handheld hybrid will be at, it will just naturally be at a range according to how the market goes, whether you like it or not.

There is no more console wars

Also I would like to point out that the term 'console wars' would be phased out sooner or later. According to my other article, Sony targets the PC instead of the usual rival consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft, on the other hand, wants to have faster iterations for their systems, much like upgrading a PC. No matter what the decisions are, the lines between each group of devices (PC, Consoles, Handheld) will soon be erased and it will just be called 'the gaming industry' where PC games, console games, smartphone games, whatever games will just be rolled out into one big plethora of gaming mayhem.

In summary, price isn't the only factor for a console, handheld, gaming system, or whatever's success. It is a good combination of being priced reasonably, good technical support from the manufacturer, and of course the heart of the creative developers who created the games which makes us admire video games in the first place.

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