Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Starter Pokemon Z-Moves Revealed In Latest Trailer

Countdown to Pokemon Sun and Moon release is three more days to go and we will be best friends once again with our Nintendo 3DS. The most pre-ordered Nintendo games to date have been through a lot and if you are following the feeds, it is hard to ignore the news, leaks, details, and all other info that have been circulating the web for months. And now, the highly-awaited RPG games are almost here! Thanks to the Pokemon Company for giving us more reason to get more excited about Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Latest Trailer

And when we think it's over, The Pokemon Company just gave us a glimpse on the Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-moves exclusive to the three starter Pokemon. Z-moves are new so it's not surprising if you're not sure what they're all about. According to Pokemon Sun and Moon website, these are very powerful moves that can only be used once in every battle. Z-moves are created when a trainer and his Pokemon's wishes sync and release their full power together. Also, the trainer must have the needed item to use it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Moves

In the recently released Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, the Z-moves showcased are used by Pokemon Sun and Moon starters - Decidueye (Rowlett final evolved form), Primarina (Litten final evolved form) and Incineroar (Popplio final evolved form).

Decidueye Z-Move

The Grass/Ghost type Pokemon, Decidueye, Z-move is called the Sinister Arrow Raid. This allows the Pokemon to "soar high into the sky and surround itself with a cavalcade of arrows." The so-called Arrow Quill Pokemon will then go down to its opponent and launch a damaging attack.

Incineroar Z-Move

The once cute Litten turned Torracat then the mighty Incineroar has Malicious Moonsault as its special Z-move. To the delight of wrestling fans, as soon as this move is activated, a wrestling ring will suddenly show up around Incineroar's opponent. Incineroar will then become an explosive fireball with a fatal body slam as it ends its Z-move attack.

Primarina Z-Move

Primarina, a Water/Fairy Type, has the exclusive Oceanic Operetta Z-move. With this, the Soloist Pokemon will conjure a giant waterball with its voice and guide it towards the opponent. Once Primarina releases a powerful note, the giant ball of water will fall over to its enemy. Then as graceful as a ballerina, it bows at the end.

Pokemon Sun and Moon games are slated to be released this Friday, Nov. 18.

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