No Man's Sky Founder Sean Murray Blames Sony, Community For Affecting 'Artistic Vision'

Just recently, the No Man's Sky community was in shock following an infamous tweet from developer Hello Games. "No Man's Sky was a mistake," it says. Obviously, this isn't something that fans would want to hear after a long silence. Fortunately, as what reports say, it was due to a hack. That, in one way or another, both the studio and founder Sean Murray have nothing to do about it. It's still hilarious in a way though. But somehow, for what it meant really, it clearly shows that someone out there wants the video game company to apologize for the mess.

It's actually a bit confusing, especially to the fans of No Man's Sky. As reported by Kotaku, the controversial No Man's Sky tweet was -- contrary to the aforementioned -- was caused by a "disgruntled employee." And when people think that was it, it's when thing start to get a bit more murky.

Polygon, on the other hand, reached out to the No Man's Sky team in hopes to clarify the situation. Surprisingly, someone in the name of Sean Murray replied, shedding light on the infamous tweet. According to the publication, the tweet did really come from Murray, only that someone from the Hello Games took it down. Because really, they "have not been coping well." Both Kotaku and Polygon received the same email response from a person who calls himself Sean Murray (this was due to speculations that the guy's email accounts are also hacked, thus reports suggest it could be the hacker sending out the responses).

Based on the email, the mastermind behind No Man's Sky admitted that the title was "simply unfinished upon arrival." Heck, he even went on to saying that Sony -- the publisher -- forced them, including the community (ouch, right?). Murray also pointed out in the email that the continuous harassment and "absolute gross" behavior from the fandom have played somehow affected their artistic vision.

With the pressure they're getting from the tech giant, the studio had no choice but to cut out some key No Man's Sky features. This is when Murray, on the same email, apologized, stating that they didn't really deliver what needs to be delivered.

Nevertheless, Murray asked that the whole No Man's Sky community be understanding with all that's happening. That they're simply a small studio that gave out "blood, sweat and tears" for the title. In the latter part, the founder stated that the lack of respect to the work they've done is what saddens him the most. Despite all of these, he said that they'll continue to improve the game to the extent that they "dreamed of it being and beyond."

Whether or not this is email really came from the man behind No Man's Sky, it somehow wraps up everything about the game's crisis. Or perhaps, it's the kind of words that the community was waiting to hear from the team. This article will be updated as soon as more information about the situation surfaces.

What are your thoughts on that infamous No Man's Sky tweet? Do you believe that it was really Sean Murray who sent that email? What can you say about it? Be sure to share us what you think at the comment section below!

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