Dota 2 News: Why Valve Won't Release Diretide

One of the most sought-after in-game events in Dota 2 is the Diretide which was first brought to the game way back in 2012. This annual event offers numerous rewards for all of its participants including the valuable courier, Golden Baby Roshan - which has a recorded peak sale value of $13,700. In the following year, Diretide 2013 has changed entirely when it comes to its game-mechanics but still offered numerous in-game rewards for players. This led to a myriad of exploits which left Valve to change and impost new rules every now and then.

After Diretide 2013, Valve didn't give any hint about any upcoming event that led to community outrage resulting in the spamming of "Giff Diretide" across all of Dota 2 and Volvo subreddits as well as on Twitter just to get a response from Valve. Moreover, fans had changed their review in Metacritic to 3 stars below; making Dota 2's consensus to dwindle - which until today, hasn't recovered from. Now, what do you think happened to Diretide? Why didn't Valve cared to respond to all of the community's request over a single event? Well, it may be as simple as you might expect.

Dota 2: Diretide

Before we can explain the reason for Valve avoiding the response from the community towards the Diretide event, let's have an overview regarding the annual event. Diretide was seen as one of the most broken event when it comes to providing its players with in-game rewards. During the two occasions, the community made numerous exploits to improve their rankings as well as maximizing their loot in the process. One of the most common exploits back then is shown in this video. This resulted in Valve's intervention in imposing new rules throughout the lapse of the event.

Since the community was benefitting from the event, none was concern regarding the mechanics of the game. All of the fans were playing for the sake of the rewards given from the annual event as well as cementing their names in the Diretide Hall of Fame. It went on until the end of Diretide 2013.

Reason for the Removal of Diretide

Since the conclusion of Diretide 2013, Valve never hinted for any future Diretide events. To date, Valve has been reticent as to why they aren't releasing any Diretide events even for 2016. Now, you may already have a clue as to how this article will progress. Yes, it's because of the numerous exploits that the community had done in the past which changed Valve's perception over Diretide.

As you can see, no matter how they tweak or revamp Diretide; to some extent, the community will always find a way to exploit the mode in order to gain more. And it's not that Valve isn't happy rewarding its community with items but it's just that, the community itself is no longer keen to enjoying the experience which was meant for the event in the first place.

 Instead, the fans are more focused on getting all possible rewards there are, making the event less and less productive in Valve's perspective. They'd rather give us new Custom Games instead having an event which can be exploited and abuse by the community.

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