Battlefield 1 Tips: How To Get All Field Manuals In Avanti Savoia Campaign

The Avanti Savoia campaign is the third mission in Battlefield 1. Compared to the Friends in High Places campaign, there are only 10 manuals here which are easy to locate. Here are some tips how to locate all 10 manuals in this campaign.

Find Battlefield 1 first manual after capturing St. Anastasia. Go to the church, and look for the first building on the left. Get inside and retrieve the first field manual.

Continue going down the road after that and keep right to the church. There's a wooden fence to the left. Climb it and head towards the trenches to get the second field manual.

The third field manual in Battlefield 1 will be on a wooden platform covering the trench. In order to get that, follow the objective in Assault the Artillery Gun. Head to the hill where you can find the small trench where your manual awaits you.

Go into the underground bunker using a set of stairs. Once you reach the larger room, find the fourth manual on the right safely tucked in a corner.

Field manual #5 is located between the two paths that leads to the trenches. But before you are able to get that, you need to disable the artillery gun first and head towards the hill for your next objective. Look behind the AA gun's sight to locate the trenches where the next manual is.

The next Battlefield 1 objective called Search for Matteo will take you down the hill to look for a dilapidated barn. Go straight into the barn where you will find the sixth field manual lying on the dirt road.

After that, you will find your Battlefield 1 team engaged in a gunfight. After successfully defending yourself, go down the hill to find some trenches found near the objective marker on the left. Matteo's unit is inside the bunker along with your seventh field manual.

From the trenches, follow the path facing the mountain from the concrete wall to the entrance of the bunker where you will find the eighth manual inside a small room.

Go through the wall and climb to the top of the hill to reach the fort. Clear all the Austrian soldiers before locating the ninth field manual found along the exterior wall which is behind the structure at the right side area.

You can get the tenth and last manual after completing Battlefield 1 Clear the Austrian Horn mission. Head straight into the bunker until you get the Leaving Combat Area message. The field manual is tucked safely at the end of the rows of bed at the left side.

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