Battlefield 1 Updates Coming Soon: Hardcore Servers, Gameplay Tweaks, Free Map, And More

A week after its release, DICE has already a comprehensive idea about the reaction of the gaming community to the Battlefield 1 gameplay. Most of all, they also know what upgrades and revisions they need to do in the coming days, weeks, and months. In line with that, the game developers released a list of the upcoming updates fans should expect for Battlefield 1. The list includes hardcore servers, gameplay tweaks, free map, and other enhancements.

In the news article released by DICE, the developers thanked the fans for their enthusiastic response to the epic war game. With the appreciation comes a host of big updates in the months to come. The first thing mentioned in the article was the Battlefield 1 Hardcore Servers. There was no exact date but it could arrive this month or in December.

Just this November alone, DICE announced that the major Battlefield 1 update will arrive this month with 'various tweaks and improvements.' They will also introduce the Rent-a-Server program as well as a new Custom game. November will also make way for Battlefest, a week-long celebration of the Battlefield franchise. During that time, new activities, missions, and log-in rewards will be released. There will also be a unique Battlepack revision and a live stream.

There will also be a series of custom games to be released, the first of which is the Fog of War, which will feature a unique Team Deathmatch experience. Battlefield 1 players will have to fight for survival with limited sight due to the heavy fog surrounding them.

In December, Battlefield 1 will have a free map with another update. Called the Giant's Shadow, the new map will take players on that cold, autumn day in 1918 to take part in the Battle of Selle. Here, players will engage in heavy infantry and tank engagement on open ground and river banks to take hold of an important railway center.

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