Skyrim Special Edition Updates: Patch 1.2 Fixes Major Game Issues And More

Skyrim Special Edition recently received a 1.1 patch, but nobody expected that the previous patch will create more problems in the game. It was reported by many players who played the game right after downloading the update that it brought new issues within the game. Due to this, Bethesda created a new patch 1.2 early on to prevent the hype of fans from going down. Bethesda is clearly focused on enhancing the game even more, which will make Skyrim fans very happy.

What Is Included In The 1.2 Patch for Skyrim Special Edition?

The patch will fix most of the game issues that players are encountering. It will fix the issue when a player is using alt-tab while playing the game. The improper rendering of water flow will also get fixed. Crashes from a player going back to original form are also getting attention as this problem is one of the most reported one. Changing and loading mods, which causes the game to crash, will also get a fix. It also includes general improvements of the game.

Skyrim Special Edition Might Have More Patch To Come

The release of 1.2 Patch made a lot of new question for the fans. According to some players, they are still experiencing some problems that came from 1.1 Patch. Bethesda might have not included the other fixes as it might take some time. Bethesda might also not want the hype for the game to go down, so having the patch early on that will fix minor issue is a great thing to do. Fans believed that there will be a new plans for the other issues in the game that is why it is not included in the fix. While bethesda is consistently fixing issues in the game, players can expect a quick response from Bethesda for another new patch, which will fix today's new issues.

Skyrim Special Edition is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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