Conan O’Brien Hated Final Fantasy XV On Clueless Gamer; You Might Also Want To

Clueless Gamer: "Final Fantasy XV" With Elijah Wood - CONAN on TBS
Clueless Gamer adds Final Fantasy XV to their humorous segment, what is meant as just for fun may also have meaning between the lines. Find out how Conan O'Brien hated the game. Photo : YouTube / Team Coco

As I sat down on this area in our little pad called the 'gaming lounge', I turned on my PS4 and decided to have some Cyanide and Happiness episodes on YouTube. As I went through some dark comedy, I noticed something waving at me. It was the latest episode of Clueless Gamer featuring Final Fantasy XV.

Of course, I have to watch it right away. It went well like the usual with a special guest on board, this time it's Elijah Wood. The episode started out with the routine jokes O'Brien does to his guests, including mild insults that turn out to be very funny. One of the most notable one is that he related Final Fantasy's jewel concept with a 'ring', the best pun intention of the segment. The video is also posted below this article if you want to check it out.

Conan O'Brien hated Final Fantasy XV and he does have a point:

Well, first of all O'Brien claims that he isn't really into gaming stuff as he often cries for help and at the same time insults (in a light manner) his 'nerd' expert host for Clueless Gamer - Aaron Bleyaert. Bleyaert, excellent job by the way, has been with O'Brien since day one of the segments, explaining to the main host in any way he can about each featured game. Ultimately, O'Brien would fall asleep as a way to humor the people that all these nerd stuff is boring. With that said, O'Brien's reactions would naturally be insulting but in a funny way, ergo expect a lot of insults from his mouth when the game review starts. So here's their experience with Final Fantasy XV.

When Wood and O'Brien started playing the first scene where Noctis and the gang descended from a set of concrete stairs, O'Brien then (as usual) threw his first punch saying "...this is like middle-earth entourage", Wood also agreed. He then added a punchline saying "...good luck with your Japanese night club." Now, knowing Conan O'Brien's humor of anything goes, it's completely understandable.

Then there's this scene in Final Fantasy XV where the gang would need to push the Regalia, yes, the car. O'Brien immediately complained, "...what is this? ...we're sent on a magical journey and we're pushing a car to Las Vegas?!" I laughed my butt off during this time and thought for myself that maybe he does have some point. The interpretation of the game from 'magical' to modern times, personally, is just pushed way too much. I also agreed with his ending question about the scene: "why is this a game???" When asked why, Bleyaert just shrugged and said something like "I don't know...I think that's what you're supposed to do."

There are lots of negative remarks by O'Brien about Final Fantasy XV that it would take around 3 articles to cover the whole 7 minute comedy game review that is Clueless Gamer. Let me just wrap it up with his most striking comments, "...are we meant to be confused?" and "...this is an epic blueballs waste of time." which led me to think that maybe Final Fantasy XV is for hardcore fans who already understand the game in the first place. I played some of its titles but from my stand-point, I am also confused about the latest installment, based on Conan O'Brien's review.

I know Clueless Gamer is all about reviewing games in a perspective of a person who does not game much and then added a concept of comedy to it and at the same time promote the game as a side-effect. But this episode for Final Fantasy XV is one of the episodes that he released a lot of insults to. This is an eye opener for me, even though it's not from a legit review, seeing through O'Brien's eyes with his 'innocence' about videogames is enough to let me decide to just wait a few months after the game is released and just ask my friends if it's recommended or not.

As far as the ending of the episode goes, Square Enix was actually on the other room watching the 'game review' which O'Brien had already let go of a lot of harsh words about the game. Professionally, he got away with it by simply saying 'good job' to the team, but this is right after he shouted at them with the word 'murderers!'

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