Why Assassin's Creed Empire Is Most Likely The 'Leaked Game' From Watch Dogs 2 Ubistolen Mission

Everything You Need To Know About Assassin's Creed Empire
Assasin's Creed game for 2018? That's expected, how it got leaked however is another story. Read here to find out how it got out to the world. Watchdogs 2 did it - spoiler. Photo : YouTube / OfficialBrosCode

Rumors for the next Assassin's Creed game named Assassin's Creed: Empire may have just been confirmed as in the form of phone conversation in Watchdogs 2. It has been a trend that sister games, or games that are under the same company give trivia and clues towards one another via random items such as an Easter egg. If this rumor proves to be true then we congratulate Ubisoft for an awesome way to hide stuff in plain sight.

Spoilers ahead, if you wish not to be spoiled with Watch Dogs 2, then close this browser right now. If you don't mind a bit of spoilers though, then you may proceed. In a mission named Ubistolen, Marcus Holloway - the game's protagonist, has a task to sneak in Ubisoft's headquarters and steal an unreleased trailer for a game.

If you'd go ahead and read the previous paragraph over and over, you'd ultimately come to a conclusion that it is an Easter egg for a sister game, most probably for the next Assassin's Creed. The game shown is set in Ancient Egypt, and this is why I think it is the 'leaked game'.

As you would observe in the 'stolen' trailer, the footage has a watermark embedded on top saying: "Ubisoft Confidential Do Not Distribute". Then goes a space station with Cowboy Bebop-feel background music with matching mysterious space man navigating some spacecraft, and then it fades into some data corruption effect. This is quite a gimmick for Ubisoft as the trailer look somewhat legit.

Now, at this point everybody should be pretty excited about it. Speculations flew around such as a Cowboy Bebop game (the most obvious choice), Far Cry set in outer space, some even made silly comments that it's No Man's Sky. What if I tell you that you are all wrong and this is just a decoy for the 'real' Easter egg just hiding in plain sight?

I'm talking about when you intercept a call between Ubisoft employees (video can be played below), it says "Can you assure me? After what happened with Unity, Syndicate, Osiris..." Now those are confirmed Assassin's Creed titles, except for Osiris which is an unreleased project title but if you dig deeper you would relate Osiris with Empire. Why? Because project Osiris and Assassin's Creed: Empire are both speculated to be set in ancient Egypt, which by the way is run by an 'empire'.

Additionally, Power Up Gaming has reported that a post from 4Chan showed rumors about Assassin's Creed: Empire to be set in Ancient Egypt, and has been ongoing for months now. The juicy part is that the details come from a Ubisoft employee - this time from the real world, not Watchdogs 2. Also in the circulating speculations, Ubisoft is reported to be planning to reuse the resources left by Project Osiris for the next Assassin's creed title for 2017.

In-game conversations have been a source of Easter eggs and at the same time trolls when you talk about Watchdogs, so the sequel should have adapted the same concept. At this point it is not confirmed yet, but if everything comes out as speculated then it would be a blast for gamers.

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