Ryan Reynolds Reveals Personal Information About Relationship With Wife Blake Lively; How He Knew She Was The One

After the news on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce started to break out, fans of the amazing couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are having their fingers crossed that the couple would not meet the same fate. Recently, the actor revealed intimate details about their relationship and how he knew Blake was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Ryan Reynolds Talks About First Date With Now Wife Blake Lively And When He Knew She Was The One

Ryan Reynolds has always been known to be a wise-crack in Hollywood as he has the most humorous and entertaining roles by far. However, behind all the sarcasm he has embarked in this world, he is secretly a romantic when it comes to his wife, Blake Lively. In an interview a few years back, after their first child was born, the actor admitted how he has never loved his wife more than he does now. In just a recent interview, he revealed the details of their first date.

When asked how he knew Blake Lively was the one for him, he immediately answered with "Probably after the sex!" with a great laugh from the audience. He then revealed that during their first date, they were having dinner at a restaurant and he asked her to dance. There was nobody else in the place, and that was when he knew that he already crossed the line. He then walked her home after that and said "I don't really need to go into what happened after that," which pretty much hinted they slept together on their first date. The way he talks about her and their relationship is what makes them the most amazing couple.

Blake Lively Reveals How Her Husband Is Also His Best Friend; Also Happens To Be The Best Father To Kids

Blake Lively also revealed in an interview that Reynolds is her best friend, and how he has been a good father to their kids, the younger one recently born last September. It can be seen whenever they are together just how in love they are with each other and just how much they love their family. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are definitely the definition of what this generation calls "relationship goals" these days.

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