Pokemon Go Update: Why Gen 2 Pokemon May Not Be Coming Out Anytime Soon

We all have been waiting for the Generation 2 Pokemon to be introduced to Pokemon Go, no doubt about that. From its launch in July and barely even a year, the hit augmented reality game definitely took us in a rollercoaster ride. From taking the fans up with excitement with its release then bringing us down for a month or two with the game quickly becoming redundant without anything new and then slowly bringing us up again with its update, giving us a Buddy Pokemon, and then down again with slight changes but nothing really relevant.

Pokemon Go then picked us up again to a mobile gaming frenzy with its Halloween event. It has been a couple of weeks and we're slowly feeling a bit bored. But wait, do we hear a Pokemon Go December update that is reported to be major?

Pokemon Go December Update

Are we ever going to see the Gen 2 Pokemon in this rumored Pokemon Go update? To be honest, it is highly unlikely as of this point. While we have been wishing that Pokemon Go would turn up the notch higher by bringing us new pocket monsters to catch, we have to admit, there are logical reasons why the Gen 2 aren't coming yet. Note: The next paragraphs may make you sad.

Gen 2 Pokemon Arriving Sooner...

The hype for Generation 2 Pokemon reached its peak when we heard someone leaked that a hundred more Pokemon are set to arrive soon, which were found in Pokemon Go patch code. However, the chances of us finally getting to meet a new batch of Pokemon in the game's December update such as Umbreon, Espeon, Chikorita, and even the ever cute Pichu, are pretty slim. Why?

Why Generation 2 Pokemon may not be included in the Pokemon Go December update

Pokemon Go will most likely release the Pokemon trading feature first that is said to be embedded in the code for months. We have to admit, the trading feature is essential, a must-have, and this will surely make veteran Pokemon fans want to go the app store to download the Pokemon mobile game.

Next, the Player-vs-Player battle is also lined up for release. Again, this is another significant feature that Niantic would most likely pursue first so as to make Pokemon Go a true Pokemon game. And wait, Gen 1 Pokemon haven't even been fully released yet! Did you remember the Ditto leaks? How about the Generation 1 Legendaries? It is understandable that Pokemon Go would most likely finish releasing Gen 1 Pokemon to the wild first before giving us a hundred new Pokemon, right?

What do you think Pokemon Go December update will include? Are you mad at this article that we let you down about Gen 2 Pokemon not coming this year? Would the reminder of Pokemon Sun and Moon being released tomorrow make the pain go away? Share your thoughts below.

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