Doubleagent Finally Reached Level 109; Take A Look At The Astounding Herbs Required To Get From 109-110

One of the most popular World of Warcraft players is Doubleagent and for a reason - he is the only character that manages to level a Pandarian character without choosing a specific faction in the Pandarian starting zone. His quest started way back in Mist of Pandaria (2012) and continued his journey towards Legion where he's only one level away from getting max level - which was brought about solely from gathering herbs and mineral nodes. Today, we're going to talk just how tasking it is to level from 109-110 out of the gathering profession.

Doubleagent's Quest to Reaching Max Level

Upon reaching 109, Doubleagent approximately needs 620k experience in order to reach max level. Now, each node only gives about 90 XP. Take note that gathering takes time to wander around searching for mine nodes and herbal pops. So let's roughly say that it'll be 15 seconds per node. If you do the simple math, Doubleagent needs approximately 103,000 seconds or 1,723 hours of uptime in order to reach the level cap. That's insane considering that it'll take roughly 72 days of up-time, at its best, just to hit the level cap.

This feat alone is very impressive considering how a player devoted his entire time just getting this world's first achievement. Although Blizzard didn't included an in-game achievement for this kind of method (as it's insanely ridiculous for the matter), the studio did recognize Doubleagent's feat by creating an NPC that's an exact replica of the character.

World of Warcraft NPC: Venerable Shaman

The NPC's name is called Venerable Shaman and can be seen in the Wandering Isle where Doubleagent usually grind for his flowers and mineral nodes. According to the Wowhead, "he's there because his character (Doubleagent) has never left the Wandering Isle." It's nice that Blizzard did recognize this man's feat of endurance. In the last Q&A by Doubleagent, he addressed how he was able to stay focused while doing the same things over and over again. He indicated that he plays a background music to keep the mood lively and sometimes streams for his live in-game progress.

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