PlayStation 4 Pro Review: Pro Unfair Advantage To Battlefield 1 Players In Multiplayer Mode?

PlayStation 4 Pro players may have an unfair advantage over their PS 4 counterparts in Battlefield 1 multiplayer mode. One reviewer revealed just how much of an edge would that be.

PlayStation 4 Pro Advantage Lies In Frame Rates

The superiority of the PS4 Pro in Battlefield 1 multiplayer modes lies in its increased frame rates compared to the current gen PS 4, according to Euro Gamer. Technically, an increased frame rate lowers the game's latency, quicker response and smoother gameplay. The video comparison could be seen here.

A Battlefield 1 comparative test between a standard PS4 and PS4 Pro showed that the latter console is running an extra 10 to 15 frame per second (fps). The PS4 Pro frame rate performance has been also gauged as consistent.

Other PS4 Pro Advantages

The PS4 Pro versus PS4 test has been conducted by using two similar Battlefield 1 games. Other than the increased frame rate, no other discrepancies have been detected on the two Sony gaming platforms. The resolution however, on the PS4 Pro looks better especially if the display being used is 4K TV or at least runs at 1080p. This is not surprising since Sony has claimed earlier that the PS4 Pro will make games look better in 4K or HD displays.

Will This Undue Advantage to PS4 Pro Players?

Based on the review, it is natural to assume that PS4 Pro players may have the upper hand in multiplayer modes. However, the reviewer believes that player skill will be the one that determines the winner in Battlefield 1 multiplayer matches.

The only advantage of PlayStation 4 Pro players is the improved and consistent fps even if the multiplayer network server is fully loaded with the maximum 64 player limit. The game control is simply much smoother and responsive even under such conditions. However, many PS4 players might see the increased frame rate as an undue advantage that could significantly hamper their chances of winning in Battlefield 1 multiplayer games.

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