Dota 2 Gameplay Update: 3 Biggest Things To Expect From Monkey King Sun Wukong

Dota 2: Monkey King reportedly welcomed a new hero--Sun Wokong, the Monkey King. The character is said to be based on the legendary character from Chinese novel Journey to the West. Note that Monkey King is the first original hero made for Dota 2.

Dota 2 is slated for a Dec. 12 or Dec. 17, 2016 release. Sun Wokong was also featured in several major Multiplayer Online Battle Arena--MOBA. The Monkey King's powers and abilities are yet to be revealed. However, his abilities are said to be analogous to his previous versions.

A Dota 2 teaser video reportedly showed the new hero with similar moves like the Echo Sweep which is a single illusion move that the Monkey King already uses. In addition, Sun Wokong can also do The Flicker which is a quick dash leaving up to six illusions or clones that attack anyone in range at once. The Cloud Dance is also said to be the Monkey King's ability to lock an opponent in place to surround them with illusions.

Dota 2: Monkey King is also expected to feature the Monkey King's strategic way of fighting based on the novel. Moreover, he may also have the power to disguise himself. The Monkey King will reportedly be voiced by "Batman: Bad Blood" voice actor Matt Mercer.

Meanwhile, the Dota 2 team Power Rangers has reportedly been disbanded after being together for three years. Currently, the roster now consists of free agents. Apparently, the team never found massive success and never qualified for a major but have remained in the top of the tier 3 EU squads.

Dota 2 team captain Alexei "j4" Lipai and Eugene "chshrct" Kastrama is reportedly two of the most underrated players in Europe. It remains to be seen whether the two will remain together. The two have become free agents for the first time with a potential to join a big team. Watch: The MonkCree King: Matt Mercer

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