‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers, News And Updates: Film Adaptation of Trunks' Story Revealed; Fans Upset By Wrong Translations?

Trunks will be the feature of a new film adaptation of "Dragon Ball Super" franchise. His side story will be aired soon. This was made possible because fans were impressed with the way he fought and defeated Zamasu in the last episode. The creators of the anime would like to give more of Trunks to the fans who love him.

The Film Adaptation Will Be About The Future Trunks

A report said that the film adaptation of "Dragon Ball Super" will be about the back story of future Trunks. There are other rumors which say this event will happen when Trunks will fight against Cell. A report also said that Tankobon will release the story. A teaser of this story was printed at its backend so as not to confuse the story flow. It is also reported that this side story was inserted between chapters 386 and 387 which were included in Legend 14.

The announcement has given much excitement to "Dragon Ball Super" fans, especially Trunks fans. And to assure fans that the film adaptation will really happen, the author, Toriyama, made some additional comments about its production. However, no further details were provided as to when the project will start.

Fans Are Displeased With Some Mistranslations

In a related development, some fans of "Dragon Ball Super" were disappointed with some of the mistranslations that crept into the series. It will be recalled that earlier this month, it was announced that the series will have English sub-titled episodes. This was welcomed by non-Japanese-speaking fans for they can now follow what's happening on the screen without much difficulty.

However, it now appears that there are some fans who were bothered by the wrong translations that they saw recently. This was observed in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66. Some of the translations were slightly off such as the way "Kami-sama" was translated to "mister." There are other mistranslations aside from this and fans would like the translations to be much closer to the original meaning of what the characters are saying.

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