NBA Trade Rumors: Rudy Gay To OKC Still Possible? Heat Wants To Trade Goran Dragic For A First-Round 2017 Draft Pick?

One of the latest NBA trade rumors going around is that it is still possible for Rudy Gay of the Sacramento Kings to be traded to another NBA ball club, even as the current season is going on. If this is true, Gay could be a target for a team who may need his kind of talent. Which NBA team could best use the talents of Gray?

OKC Was Induced To Target Gray

A report suggested that the Oklahoma City Thunder began thinking of acquiring Rudy Gay when Kevin Durant left the team for the Golden State Warriors. The question is: will OKC be able to make a trade? In addition, how will this trade help them to get a fighting chance of getting back to the playoffs?

This Rudy Gay-OKC deal was speculated by Zach Lowe of ESPN. It seems that the Thunder is "interested in bigger wings." This makes sense especially with Durant's departure from the team. Although OKC is thinking of getting Victor Olapido of the Orlando Magic, he will only be used as their sixth man and not a starter.

"They remain interested in bigger wings, including Rudy Gay, sources say, in part because such a player would slide everyone down to their intended spots: Oladipo to the bench, and Andre Roberson back to defending shooting guards," explained Lowe.

Does Pat Riley Want A 2017 Draft Pick In Exchange For Goran Dragic?

Meanwhile, other NBA trade rumors suggest that Pat Riley of the Miami Heat is interested in exchanging Goran Dragic for a 2017 draft pick. This is indicated in an ESPN report which says Riley is looking for another first-round choice in 2017. He is also going for a lottery pick. But to be able to do this, the Heat may need to trade Goran Dragic to one of the bottom teams in the NBA. And they must do this before the trade deadline in February.

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