Clash Of Clans Latest News: How December Update Will Put Down Pokemon Go?

Clash of Clans December update is reported to be released soon and the fans are now excited for the new items and major changes in the game. Given that, there are speculations that the update would likely compete with Pokemon Go.

Aside from the technical changes and gameplay concerns given for the Clash of Clans December update, the players are also expected to get another treat for the coming holiday season. Supercell has reportedly announced via Twitter about the current Clash-O-Rama as the first ever original series that is based on Clash World. The game developer unlocked the new game updates last Nov. 15 that lasted for 30 minutes. Reports suggest that the brief maintenance breaks reveal that a major game update for December is impending.

Clash Of Clans updates are believed to have been given a lot of work by Supercell given the increase in the number of the game's new rivals. This includes Pokemon Go, which is reported to be the highest-grossing game launched this year. Given the fact that COC is an older mobile game, it is expected to provide updates that will keep at pace  with its competitors. In line with this, a new wave of objects, items and characters are said to be released, including sea monsters, gigantic fishes and mystical mermaids.

Meanwhile, an animated series of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans entitled Clash-A-Rama has been revealed to be in the works. Although these are based on the Clash-A-Rama shorts  featured on the COC YouTube channel, full episodes are also expected. With that, the fans are now looking forward to see the COC humor  in a longer format. Meantime, Futurama animation studio Rough Draft is reported to create the animation. While three unnamed writer-producers of The Simpsons are also believed to be included, an IMDB listing suggests that writer Rob LaZebnik and producer Claudia Katz, who both have worked for The Simpsons, are going to work on the series.

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