Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: One Famous Pokemon Downgraded

Pokemon Sun and Moon fans, pretty sure you're ready for tomorrow's release, right? This is finally it, after months and months of news, leaks, datamined info, and demo info, the highly awaited Nintendo 3DS games will finally be in our excited little hands on Nov. 18. Just 1 more good night sleep and we're off to video game shops!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Discovery

With just a day away for Pokemon Sun and Moon release, another discovery has surfaced on the web that isn't actually going to make veteran Pokemon players happy. They have discovered that Talonflame isn't going to be a beast anymore in Sun and Moon, unlike in the previous titles - Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Talonflame in Pokemon games

To a new Pokemon game player, Talonflame is a Fire/Flying Type Pokemon with Flame Body and Gale Wings (hidden) as its abilities. This avian Pokemon is the final evolution of Fletchling, Pokemon X/Y Kalos Regional bird. When it battles, this falcon-looking Pokemon dives at its foes that reach 310 miles per hour speeds and then attacks the enemy with damaging kicks.

Talonflame is known for its Gale Wings ability which increases the "priority of Flying-type moves by one". This strong Pokemon was actually popular in the 2014 VGC Championships but somehow, Pokemon Sun and Moon has decreased its effectiveness.

Talonflame Nerfed in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Talonflame's Gale Wings was pretty active in previous Pokemon games. Unfortunately, it has been discovered in Pokemon Sun and Moon that this ability will only work if Talonflame has full health. Due to this, a Brave Bird move will only get the priority on Talonflame's first move and moves such as Spikes and Stealth Rock will quickly nullify Talonflame in battle.

Would that mean that Talonflame isn't going to be that useful now in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Unfortunately, the Flying-type Pokemon wouldn't be effective in the latest Pokemon game but still, it has good stats so it's not goodbye yet.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to hit the stores on Nov. 18 in the US and Japan, exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS.

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