‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers and Updates For Episodes 68 to 71: Is This The End For Goku? New Arc To Begin Dec. 18?

The air dates of several new episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" have been announced recently. Their titles are also included in the recent announcement. Avid fans of the show can now expect the show to continue entertaining them with the new adventures and fresh challenges that Goku and his friends will face.

The Air Dates And Titles Of Four Episodes Are Now Revealed

There are four episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" that are scheduled to air soon. The first of these episodes is episode 68. Its title is "Come here, Shenron!! Whose Dream Will Come True?" Some spoilers say that in this episode, Shenron will be summoned. It is scheduled to run on Nov. 27, 2016 on Fuji TV, Sunday, 9.a.m. Japanese time.

The next is episode 69, with the title "Goku vs. Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to their Battle!" This episode will run on Dec. 4, 2016, on Fuji TV, at 9 a.m., Japanese time. Following this episode is episode 70 entitled "Challenge from Champa! Let's Fight in Baseball!". This episode is set to air on Dec. 11, 2016, at 9 a.m. Japanese time, on Fuji TV.

The last of the four episodes of "Dragon Ball Super", episode 71, has the title: "Goku Dies! Assassination Order That Must Be Performed!" It's airing schedule is on Dec. 18, 2016, on Fuji TV at 9 a.m. Japanese time. Some rumors say that Hit will appear in episode 71.

Is There Still A Chance That Zamasu Will Come Back?

In episode 67, the fans of "Dragon Ball Super" saw Zamasu defeated by Future Trunks. He was able to slice Zamasu's body in half. But since the real Zamasu doesn't have a physical form, could he still be alive and is there a chance of him coming back in future episodes? This is what fans should watch out for in the show.

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