World of Final Fantasy Feels Like Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is undoubtedly the King of mobile app right now and it's inevitable that some games are being tailored to somehow emulate the mechanics that make up the success of the critically acclaimed action-based game of Niantic. Now, one of the rising new games, the World of Final Fantasy is now gaining popularity by incorporating some of the in-game mechanics of Pokemon GO.

World of Final Fantasy

Developed and published by Square Enix , the newest iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise, the World of Final Fantasy is an RPG video game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita platforms. Much like its predecessors, it offers action-based gameplay where you're going to play on a main character which sets on a journey to save the world (in this case, an entire kingdom against an evil federation).

World of Final Fantasy and Pokemon GO Mix

What sets this game apart from its predecessor is its core structure. Basically, the World of Final Fantasy doesn't have an open-world setting. You're not exploring the world with tons of side quests and whatnot which entails a lot of grinding and farming. Instead, Square Enix lets players choose different locations which you can warp into through the use of waypoints or portals. It's much like the Pokemon GO gym battles but it's a lot easier as you can just move via your joysticks.

Another thing you will notice in the game is that, it's a lot simpler than the other Final Fantasy titles. In this game, you don't wear armors or weapons to improve your stats and you also don't have to allocate points to boost your attributes. It's just the same on how Pokemon GO works. Also, in order to implement diversity in game, Square Enix implemented capturing monsters but unlike in Pokemon GO, you don't "use" these monsters to battle against your opponents but rather, you "stack" these monsters on top of your head (three stacks max) to boost your overall stats and attributes.

Also, stacking of varied monsters will drastically improve your abilities as well. It's one of the unique features of World of Final Fantasy which I personally think, outshines the other titles in the series. It's definitely a great mix of Pokemon GO mechanics. Although it's kinda unique from its titles, it also retains some of the characters in the Final Fantasy world which gives you the feel of the epic RPG series of Square Enix.

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