Long Term Relationships May Decrease The Urge For Sex To Women, How Is That Possible?

A new study suggests that women who were found to be in the same relationship over a seven-year time period showed greater decrease in sexual desire. It was found that female sexual functioning is greatly influenced by many factors, from a woman's mental well-being to age, time, and relationship quality. The study conducted has recently proven that sexual dysfunction is common among women, with approximately 40 million American women reporting to have sexual disorders.

How The Study Was Initiated

The University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University has conducted the longitudinal study of American adults which has been found to have examined the changes in sexual functions of women during a seven-year timeperiod. The study of women aging from 18-59 has suggested that women are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction with a 43 percent probability as compared to men having a 31 percent likelihood.

According to Medical News Today, it was found that treatment options for sexual dysfunction in women have been shown to differ in terms of effectiveness. Furthermore, experts have also claimed that when it comes to the causes of female sexual dysfunction are still poorly understood up to this time.

News Medical Life Sciences have also revealed that of the considered factors, women's ability to have an orgasm was the most stable over time, whereas sexual satisfaction was the most variable. Experts' finding has shown that orgasmic ability has improved in all groups during the entire study's period. The experts have highly emphasized that the biggest improvement were actually seen in women who were single at the end of the observation period, followed by slightly lower improvement in those who were in a new relationship, and slightly lower still in women who were in a relationship with the same partner.

Ultimately, the experts have added that further studies are to be required since the authors have determined that they did not have access to data about cohabitation, or about the duration of singlehood.

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