'Steven Universe' Season 4 Updates: Immigration Episode Re-emerges, Donald Trump Effect

Steven Universe - Gem Harvest
Steven Universe - Gem Harvest Photo : Badr Mahiri / YouTube

Steven Universe might have predicted the future as shown onits last episiode. Titled as "Gem Harvest", it is visible on one of the segments that they are pertaining to Donald Trump being elected as United States President.

Gem Harvest And The Buzz It Created

The series episode was shown last Thursday; and you don't need 20/20 vision to see the angle where they perfectly portrayed the effect of Trump being elected as the new U.S. President. They even got it right when they predicted that he will win after Thanksgiving. The result of the election was not widely received by many as shown on every news network. However, Steven Universe removed those tensions by creating an episode that has the same topic but with a novel spin. This way, viewers will be informed about the recent dilemma we are having right now and at the same time enjoying it as the characters from Steven Universe are acting it out.

Steven's adventures usually focuses on his out of the world adventures with the Crystal Gem and his alien family. Gem Harvest however, focused on his uncle Andy DeMayo. Andy's character can be compared to every normal hard working American. He is middle-aged, single and an airplane pilot. It was Steven's father, Greg who opened the idea of him being a pilot. Also, on that timeline, Greg changed their last name to Universe and let the Gems stay on the family property of the DeMayo's.

Immigration Angle On The Latest Episode

Steven's father, Greg, explained why the Gems are very important to their family. Greg said that Steven's mom considered The Gems as family although they are not from the planet earth. They travel one Universe to another to save their race from impending extinction. Despite their differences, they blended beautifully. Technically speaking, the Gems can be considered as "illegal aliens".

"You couldn't even marry an American," Andy screams at Greg in front of Steven. "You turned your back on your family name just so you could get in with a bunch of weirdo hippie, Martian immigrants. Get the heck of my planet, outta' my country, and outta' my barn." Andy was defiant about his beliefs and continued to pick on the Gems and Greg. Andy fears change and outsiders or foreigners for the outside world. He finds this two reasons to hate the Gems and his brother.

Greg tried to calm down Andy by taking him down to memory lane where they haven't seen each other for about 20 years. But Andy doesn't want to be part of any of that as he shut downed the conversation completely. In an stunning turnaround, Andy calmed down when the Gems reached out an olive branch in a form of a cake. Andy then realized that they have a common ground. Although the Gems are still adjusting on how to be humans, their unconditional love for Steven creates a mutual bond with Steven's uncle Andy. They might not see eye to eye with the current issues they have right now but at least, they have Steven on both of their sides.

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