Pokemon Go Update: Players Are Experiencing Glitch On 7th Day Streaks

Pokemon Go Daily Quest system has been out to the public recently and fans were making the most out of the newest feature which grants numerous bonuses on both PokeStop item drops and Spawn Rate by achieving the first spin of the day every day. In addition, it was also previously reported that the bonuses will increase as the number of succeeding day increases. However, some players are experiencing glitch on this particular area, especially on the seventh day streak.

According to the report from Otakukart, Pokemon Go players are expressing their various concerns regarding the recent bugs in their seventh day streak of Daily Quest. Based on the report, most of these cases are not appearing on the journal despite receiving a current streak notification. On the other hand, several players are also complaining that the amount of items received is not similar to what the journal has stated.

An unknown trainer posted this case on The Sliph Road and stated that he indeed spun the PokeStop and saw 20+ items, up checking the journal, it only showed 3 items. He then checked his inventory and only received 3 items. He also added that his PokeBalls were only up from 72 to 74 despite receiving almost 10 PokeBalls when spinning the PokeStop on a seventh day streak. Apparently, this case is considered as common for players.

This recent glitch occurs on both iOS and Android which means all players are affected. Meanwhile, most of the players are hopeful that Niantic would attend to this concern as the number of cases are increasing. However, it is assumed that the developer will be quick to fix the bug.


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