World Of Warcraft: Legion, Is It The Best Expansion?

It's safe to say that Legion is one of the most successful expansions that World of Warcraft has seen but one question still remained unanswered, is it the best expansion of the game? Many are having mixed thoughts about the new expansion and given that it barely have 3 months of uptime (beta not included), it's still too early to tell, right? But after playing the game for a handful of a hundred hours, we're pretty sure that you can also somehow tell the difference between Legion and how it sits apart from its predecessors. Today, we're going to give a rough overview about the game and if it really is the best expansion that we have yet seen.

World of Warcraft: Legion

One of the new features in Legion is the artifacts. Simply put, it's one of your deciding goals even after reaching max level and it offers a new mint from traditional leveling and questing. The introduction of artifacts is filled with mixed criticisms. Yes, it does provide an appeal to players as it gives them reason to play and have that feeling of a "goal" aside from getting BiS gears and whatnot but it also lead to one downside and that is, grinding. To some, the intense grinding of AP including the drop rates of Legendaries have lead to a somewhat imbalance system of the game.

Although Legion is friendlier for those that have less time to dedicate to the game - as you can just do 10 weekly games in the arenas and 10 keystone group and you're good to go for end-game items; the artifacts and legendaries were a painstaking grind to most. Next one is the class balancing. Now, this is an intriguing factor as there's no such expansion in World of Warcraft where you can say that all classes and talents were equally viable. In reality, there will also be a talent which will be preferred by most and which will be ditched by many. But in Legion, the main problem stems from the fact that Blizzard somehow 'denies' specific talents to be virtually playable.

The fact that some players were grinding AP towards the route of a specific talent and then suddenly that talent will be rendered unplayable can be devastating to some. (Ahem, Fire Mages) Also, one of the recent problems is that, according to many, the talent system of most melee classes are somehow saturated and recursive. They are all capable of specific disables, gap closers, etc. In short, it isn't as diverse as the casters.

When it comes to contents, Legion arguably is one of the best expansions to offer new experiences both to existing and new subscribers. There are a ton new ideas and tweaked system (World Quest) which can offer new thrills and excitement to the community. Overall, Legion is amazing both lore-wise and content-wise.

Now, it's still too early to tell whether or not Legion is the best expansion in the WoW franchise but based on the rough overview of the game, do you think it's the best expansion as of yet? You Decide.

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