Overwatch Tips and Strategy: Easily Win In 1v1 Duels

Arguably the most competitive Arcade mode in Overwatch is the 1v1 Mystery Duels. Today, we're going to give you the best tips on how you can easily win with all Heroes in Overwatch 1v1 Mystery Duels. This will be an advance strategy guide on all heroes which you can play in the new Arcade mode.

Overwatch 1v1 Mystery Duel Strategy


Basically what you need to do to overpower the enemy Bastion is to be able to get into the Sentry mode and deal as much damage before the enemy Bastion does. One quick tip: You can deploy Sentry mode mid-air so basically, you can do a jump into configuration: sentry mode mid-air and start firing as soon as sentry mode is fully launched.


The best way to take out the enemy D.Va is to use the Boosters to knockback the enemy D.Va and simply dealing headshot damage onto her. Remember to use Defense Matrix while charging at her and keep firing until she's out in mech. In which case, the last one to leave the mech will most likely win.


The secret to winning Genji duels is to deal as much shuriken damage as possible before engaging into a Swift Strike battle. Basically if you land one or two shuriken hits before the enemy Genji does, you'll surely win the Swift Strike battle as the enemy Genji will have lesser health than you do.


Now in Hanzo duels, it's more like who lands the most "lucky" shots, wins. What you need to do in a Hanzo duel is take the area that has more cover so that you can avoid as many shots from the enem Hanzo as possible. Use Sonic Arrow to track the enemy Hanzo and start firing at them while taking cover at the same time. Show only a small portion of your body and anticipates the enemy Hanzo's next move to land a headshot or body shots.


When playing Junkrat, try to take cover and spam Frag Launcher at the enemy Junkrat. The best way to land a Frag Launcher is to predict the enemy's next position will be and use Concussion Mine as a means to move around and be mobile. Never jump next to the enemy Junkrat as he may throw a Concussion Mine right at you.


Just like Hanzo Duels, try to take cover while firing against the enemy McCree. One cool tip: Use your Combat Roll to engage the enemy McCree as he won't be anticipating the fast initiation by this move - allowing you to land a surprise hit or headshot on your opponent.


Only use Cryo-Freeze when you have your Ice Wall up otherwise the enemy Mei will come at you and freeze you in place. Now when you're engaging at point-blank-range, always spam your freeze shot. The first one to get frozen will lose in the battle. When you're low, use Cry-Freeze and if Mei gets near you to freeze you, use Ice Wall to take cover. Wait for them to come at you and start freezing them in place.


This will come down as to how who can predict better. Basically both of you will go airborn and as soon as the two of you are in the air, try to predict the enemy Pharah's movements and land the most shots as possible.


One thing to remember to keep in mind during Reaper battles, try to do as much cheap damage as possible while you're at a distance as once you'll get near each other, the highest health will surely win. It all comes down to who deals the more cheap damage before the actual head-on engagement.


Now the best way to play Sombra in a 1v1 matchup is to listen to the audio cues from your opponent Sombra. Throw your Translocator in a defensive spot and try to deal as much damage as possible during engagement. The first one to drop belo 50% HP will lose as the other Sombra will basically have a wallhack. So once you see the enemy Sombra, deals as much damage to her and use the translocator to disengage and confuse her. Listen to the enemy Sombra's audio cue after the invis and you'll surely be able to surprise the enemy and win the battle.

Due to the character limitation, we will be continuing the second part of the guide in the next article. Stay tuned for the part two of the mystery duels! Big thanks and credit to Unit Lost for the amazing 1v1 Mystery Duels guide which can be seen in the video down below.

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