‘One Piece’ Chapter 847 Spoilers, News And Updates: Sanji Promises Big Mom To Make Pudding The Happiest Girl Alive To Save Straw Hat Pirates

The latest spoilers of "One Piece" Chapter 847 indicate that in order to save the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is forced to promise Big Mom that he will make Pudding the happiest girl alive. But is this enough for Big Mom to let the pirates escape?

Luffy And Nami Are Defenseless

Since they are already defenseless, Luffy and Nami were easily beaten by Big Mom's army. However, they did not kill the two. The reason is that in the previous chapter, Sanji had negotiated a deal with Big Mom. He asked Big Mom to spare the lives of his friends.

In return, he would marry her daughter, Lady Pudding. He also promised not to fight anymore. But it is interesting to note that before this peace deal was offered, Pudding has already convinced Black Leg and said that their marriage won't give him another hell.

To prove her point, she offered to act as his savior in "One Piece" Chapter 847. Therefore, when Big Mom asked Sanji, he wholeheartedly agreed to the deal. And then he promised her that he would make her daughter the "happiest girl alive."

However, before allowing the Straw Hat Pirates to leave the Whole Cake Island, she noted that the pirates have created trouble and she would normally have them punished for their behavior. She made it clear that the wedding of Pudding to Sanji is her top priority since she wants control over the Germa 66 army which is now under the command of the Vinsmokes.

Will The Marriage of Sanji and Pudding Finally Take Place?

This is now the burning question in the minds of all fans of "One Piece" Chapter 847. It has been predicted before that Sanji will be forced by his Vinsmoke family to marry Lady Pudding, the daughter of Big Mom. This is despite the attempt of the Straw Hat Pirates to stop the wedding. It appears now that Sanji has no other way but to continue with his wedding.

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