Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Potential Game-Breaking Bug That Might Wipe All The Player's Saved Data

There is a recent update for Pokemon Sun and Moon that was released last Friday, and a lot of players all over the world are flocking in order to experience a good adventure trip in Alola. However, during the release of X and Y, there is a noticeable presence of a bug that gave a great amount of problems to its players. It seems that this bug have also appeared in Sun and Moon.

According to the report from Game Rant, prior to the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, fans have already been flocking to pre-order the game. It was proven that Sun and Moon are the most pre-ordered Nintendo titles as of yet. Now that these have already been released, it seems that another problem arose that might possibly affect gaming experience.

Reddit and Twitter were filled with comments related to certain areas of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon that cause the disappearance of the user's avatar, thus gamers can't save their progress. Several games have also experienced this problem, but Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have not said anything yet related to the bug.

Immediately after the launching of Pokemon X and Y, a problem occurred that resulted to losing all of the game saves in Lumiose City and players thought it was already patched. Serebii even said that many of its players are reporting major problems related to saving their Pokemon Centers and Battle Trees game progress.

Additionally, some of the users reported that the character model and the bottom screen in 3DS do not load at all which results to the game being unplayable. There is no patch that is released for this bug yet, but players are not really too bothered about this. Players are however reminded to be careful in saving their game progress in the abovementioned areas.


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